The adobe photoshop is a great designing software to work. We can also make animated gif file with adobe photoshop. If adobe photoshop has installed into your pc you can make animated gif file also. Now I am going to share that how to create a gif file on adobe photoshop. On our Create an advertising banner easily on adobe photoshop post I showed that how to make a add banner on adobe photoshop. Now I make a gif file or animated file on that add banner file. So follow me.

1. Open that add banner file which we done before then click on "Edit in Image ready" like this image
Then the Adobe Photoshop will automatically go to Adobe ImageReady.
2. Now click on Window menu bar then tick mark on Animation to bring Animation window.
3. Click on Duplicate current frame to duplicate frame 5 times.
4. Change all frame's time duration to click on 0sec then change to 1sec.
5. Now we have to set animation.
See the layer window carefully. I want to the "Your Ad Title" text will animate so I turned off the layer visibility to hide the text in 1st frame then the second layer I turned on the layer visibility to show the text. In this same process I decorated the layer visibility on and off for 6 times in 6 frames. You can see the output of your animation to click on Play button on Animation window. You can also animate more file in 1 frame.
6. Now save this file to click on File menu then select Save optimized as then provide a file name then press Save button. Your animation file will create.
Thanks for watching.

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