We know that the adobe photoshop is a great graphic designing software around the world. Now I am going to show that how to make an advertising banner on adobe photoshop. Follow below
1. Run Adobe Photoshop then take a blank page 728*90 size this is the standard banner size.
2. Select Gradient tool then fill your page with these color code "FFFFFF" and "3768F4".
3. Then select Ploygon shape tool from Shape tool with these settings and also write 50% and discount with different layer then double click on this layer then tick mark on Outer glow to highlight the shape then tick mark on Bevel Emboss only for 50% layer then press ok.
4. Now click on Rounded Rectangle tool and change the shape color from Right top side with "B398F8" color code and create a shape and write "Click here" on the button also provide Outer glow like below
5. At last I provide an example text "Your Add Title" to understand you. So you can change this and also modify with your Add title. Final output
We have completed! Thanks for watching.

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