Now I am going to share you that how to create a stylish text effect on adobe photoshop which is really nice effect. Follow me

1. Run adobe photoshop then take a new document.
2. Select Type tool then change font to "Comic Sans MS" and change color also with 2D7702 color then type Design like this.
3. Right click on design layer then click Rasterize layer to convert text to vector shape.
4. Alt+Click on design's layer to select the area of shape now we have to modify shape so go to Select menu then Modify then Contract provide 6 pixel then press ok.
5. We got a new selection now create a new layer and fill color with Paint Bucket with this color code 52D908 and deselect the selection Ctrl+D.
6. Now we have to effect on this design so Go to Filter menu then Blur then Gaussian Blur provide 2 Radius then press ok.
7. Now select design (original) layer then Right click then click Blending option then change something like this.
After all we will show finally like this.
Thats all many many thanks for watching.

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